bad option "menu_object": should be one of...
  rWStatic1 add_metadata field value
  rWStatic1 binary_content
  rWStatic1 cget -option
  rWStatic1 clear_metadata
  rWStatic1 configure ?-option? ?value -option value...?
  rWStatic1 content language ?fmt?
  rWStatic1 content_disposition
  rWStatic1 content_field language field ?default_val?
  rWStatic1 content_length
  rWStatic1 content_type
  rWStatic1 current_handler
  rWStatic1 destroy
  rWStatic1 get_resource_repr resource_key
  rWStatic1 headline language
  rWStatic1 init ?arg arg ...?
  rWStatic1 isa className
  rWStatic1 javascript
  rWStatic1 key
  rWStatic1 languages
  rWStatic1 metadata ?key?
  rWStatic1 metadata_hooks hooks_d
  rWStatic1 mimetype
  rWStatic1 postproc_hooks urlhandler hooks_d hooks_class ?language?
  rWStatic1 postprocessing urlhandler
  rWStatic1 prepare language argsqs
  rWStatic1 prepare_content urlhandler language argsqs
  rWStatic1 print_content language
  rWStatic1 put_metadata dictionary
  rWStatic1 refresh timereference
  rWStatic1 resource_exists resource_key
  rWStatic1 send_headers
  rWStatic1 send_output language
  rWStatic1 set_content language field value
  rWStatic1 set_content_type ct
  rWStatic1 set_key k
  rWStatic1 set_metadata mdlist
  rWStatic1 set_pagetext language page_text ?rootel?
  rWStatic1 set_title language title_t
  rWStatic1 set_title_dict language title_txt
  rWStatic1 special_headers language
  rWStatic1 title ?language? ?titletxt? ?arg arg ...?
  rWStatic1 to_string
  rWStatic1 url_args
    while executing
"$page menu_object"
    (object "::PageHandler" method "::rwdatas::PageHandler::menu_list" body line 16)
    invoked from within
"$ds menu_list $::rivetweb::current_page"
    (object "::rWStatic1" method "::rwpage::RWPage::prepare_content" body line 16)
    invoked from within
"$::rivetweb::current_page prepare_content  [::rwdatas::UrlHandler::current_handler]   $::rivetweb::language $argsqs"
    (in namespace eval "::rivetweb" script line 93)
    invoked from within
"namespace eval ::rivetweb {

    # let's load the environment into array ::request::env

    ::rivet::load_env env
    ::rivet::apache_log_error debug..."
    (file "/home/manghi/rivetweb/tcl/before.tcl" line 14)
    invoked from within
"source [file join $rweb_root tcl before.tcl]"
    ("eval" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"eval $script"
    ("::try" body line 6)


source [file join $rweb_root tcl before.tcl]