Other Useful Information


All participants, as well as accompanying persons, are kindly asked to wear their identification badge at all times.


The locations of all housing facilities (Centre, Institutes and Hotels) are shown on the Erice map included in the documents you will receive upon registration.


Residents in the I.I. Rabi, Eugene P. Wigner and Patrick M.S. Blackett Institutes will have breakfast on a self-service basis in the "coffee room" in the I.I. Rabi Institute (in the back of the courtyard on the right-hand side under the staircase). Participants housed in the hotels will have breakfast at their hotels.


Coffee, tea, milk, mineral water, fruit and sandwiches are available (free of charge) in the "coffee room" at the I.I. Rabi Institute at any time.

Lunch and Dinner

A selected list of recommended restaurants is displayed in the entrance hall of the I.I. Rabi Institute (but you will receive this information in the material you will receive upon your arrival). The closing day of each restaurant is given in the list. The restaurant owner will ask the participants to sign a form where the appropriate activity is indicated (Course, Seminar etc.) in order to keep a record. Please sign legibly; accompanying members must sign too. At lunch and dinner, it is advisable for participants to distribute themselves in small groups in order to avoid too many people crowding into the same restaurant, and in order to have faster service. Please wear your badge.

Mineral Water

The local tap water is drinkable, however, you will find bottles of mineral water in your room (unless you are staying in one of the hotels). Empty bottles will be replaced by the room maid, free of charge. More bottles are available for all participants in the storage room at the I.I. Rabi Institute.


Self-service washing machines (and dryers) are available in the storage room at the back of the courtyard in the I.I. Rabi Institute.


The public telephone (and an automatic magnetic telephone-card dispenser) in the I.I.Rabi Institute is located on the 1 st floor at the back of the courtyard. There is also a public telephone in the Eugene P. Wigner Institute (ground floor). Public telephones are also available at the "Tabacchi" shops in Piazza Umberto I and in Via Generale G. Salerno not far from the Elimo Hotel. Magnetic telephone cards can also be purchased at the "Tabacchi" shops.

Post Office, Bank and ATM

cash machine Pigeon holes for incoming mail are located in the entrance hall of the I.I.Rabi Institute. The Post Office is in Via Guarnotta, 100 metres away from the I.I. Rabi Institute's entrance (on the way to the Eugene P. Wigner Institute). The Bank is in the main square (Piazza Umberto 1) facing the Nuovo Edelweiss restaurant. Bank hours are from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. An ATM cash machine will allow you to withdrawal currencies. Change can also be obtained at the Post Office (until 1:00 pm).


The shops in Erice are open from 9:00 am (or 10:00 am) to 1:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm. During summer time some shops can be open until late in the evening. The Pharmacy is in Via Cordici off the main square (Piazza Umberto 1).There are no foreign language newspaper shops.