May 03-06, 2023
Erice, Sicily, ITALY

Workshop Organizers

Conference goals

Christian Agrillo (Università di Padova, Padova, Italy)
Paola Palanza (Università di Parma, Parma, Italy)
Stefano Parmigiani (Università di Parma, Parma, Italy)

Purpose of the Workshop

Conference goals

The present workshop aims to celebrate the 50th course of the International School of Ethology "Danilo Mainardi since its foundation in 1975. Furthermore, 2023 is an important date for the science of ethology as the comparative study of animal and human behavior from an evolutionary perspective. Indeed it is the 50th anniversary of the Nobel Prize award to the three ethologists (K.von Frisch, K.Lorenz and N. Tinbergen) and the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian Society of Ethology (SIE). The purpose of the course “Ethology: Past, Present and Future” is to explore and discuss the impact that ethology had, has and will have in the future on biological, ecological, psychological and bio-medical disciplines. The course involves lectures by invited speakers, short talks and posters and it is addressed to students, PhDs, Post-docs, young researchers and faculties that will have the opportunity to contribute to the discussions with short communications and/or posters.

Workshop Topics

Conference goals

  • - Historical glimpse on Ethology
  • - Imprinting and beyond
  • - Social Behavior, Social Brain and Neuroethology
  • - Ethology, conservation and welfare
  • - Novel approaches to the study of behavior in freely moving animals
  • - Orientation and Migration
  • - Cognition, metacognition and language
  • - Future directions of Ethology

Speakers & Topics

Christian Agrillo

50 years of the Italian Society of Ethology

Enrico Alleva

Ethology in Italy

Michael James Beran

Metacognition and Language

Pier Francesco Ferrari

New Frontiers In Neuroethology Of Primate Social Behavior

Leonida Fusani

The study of courtship displays: From sketch pads to motion capture

Paola Palanza

1973: A crucial year for Ethology

Stefano Parmigiani

The Ettore Majorana Foundation and the International School of Ethology

Larry Young

On the origins of diversity in mating systems and social behavior

Giorgio Vallortigara

Imprinting: (more than) 50 years after

Elisabetta Visalberghi

Learning strategies in capuchine monkeys