May 01-04, 2022
Erice, Sicily, ITALY

Workshop Organizers

Conference goals

Purpose of the Workshop

Conference goals

The purpose of this interdisciplinary course is to bridge the gap between the various fields that are concerned with the question of physical activity and its implications for health and disease. We intend to bring together sport medicine (covering aspects of nutrition, training, biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology, injury prevention and rehabilitation and mental health) and sport psychology (covering aspects of motivation, emotions, personality, talent) and integrating them with insights obtained from the fields of neurobiology, ethology (which focuses on proximate and ultimate functions of behavior) and psychoneuroimmunology. Sex differences with respect to physiology, psychology and sport performance will be also explored. Experts from different fields will lecture and discuss their scientific works to better understand the psychobiological effects of sport and physical activity. The workshop is addressed to students and researchers in sport sciences (i.e. sport medicine and sport psychology), including PhD and undergraduate students of medical schools, psychology, sport sciences, neurobiology, etc.) as well as professional sports coaches and anyone interested in this interdisciplinary approach.

Speakers & Topics

Valentina Bianco

Effects of motor experience on anticipatory brain functions

Martin Brüne

Somatic consequences of chronic psychological stress: the case of borderline personality disorder

Daniela Caporossi

Exercise in the evolution of human neurobiology

Francesca Cirulli

Healthy body - healthy mind? Joining physical exercise and mental health in a neurobiological perspective

Cosimo Costantino

Functional overload of the muscle tendond

Antonio Frizziero

The role of posture in rehabilitation

Domenico Gualtieri

The Truth of numbers. The Journey around a world of numbers: a football experience

Georg Kuhn

Epidemiology, physical fitness early in life and its effect on brain diseases later in life

Irene La Fratta

Challenge Sport: where the stress and anger encounter the endocrine and immune systems

Marcello Maggio

Physical activity and aging

Stefano Parmigiani

Physical activity, sports and Darwinian Medicine

Mirko Pesce

Emotions, Immunity and Sport: insights into psychobiological profile of athlete's performance

Davide Ponzi

Psychobiology of sports competition

Alessandro Sale

Physical exercise and visual cortex plasticity: active training for amblyopia recovery

Alicia Salvador

Sex differences in competitive behavior

Ignacio Torres Aleman

The multiple beneficial actions of exercise in the brain involve hormones with multiple actions in the brain

Matteo Vandoni

Affective responses during exercise: a way to an healthier and active lifestyle?