Program Schedule

Monday November 20th
Arrival Day

Tuesday November 21st
Peter W.W. Lurz ""Uncertainty in the city": the opportunities and challenges of urban ecosystems for mammals"
Coffee Break
Izabela Wierzbowska "Human-wildlife conflicts in urban ecosystems"
Sara Marshall-Pescini "Urbanization and its effects on behaviour: what can Canids tell us?"
Coffee Break
Rebecca Rimbach "Urban mammals: consumption of human resources, health and stress physiology"

Wednesday November 22nd
Antton Alberdi "Urban mammals and their gut microbiota: what determines what?"
Coffee Break
Massimo Scandura, Nadia Mucci, Romolo Caniglia "Evolution in the city: a molecular ecology perspective"
Graham Smith "Urban mammals in the UK"
Coffee Break
Goran Ericsson "Urban mammals in Sweden"
Poster session

Thursday November 23rd
Excursions to visit archaeological sites

Friday November 24th
Bostjan Pokorny "Urban mammals in Slovenia"
Coffee Break
Miroslaw Ratkiewicz "Urban mammals in Poland"
Joaquin Vicente Banos "Urban mammals in Spain"
Coffee Break
Marco Apollonio, Sandro Bertolino, Francesco Ferretti and Adriano Martinoli "Urban mammals in Italy"
Awards Ceremony and Closing remarks

Saturday November 25th