Workshop Information

Registration Deadlines

Participation to the school is limited

For the European Social Club members the registration deadline is 31st March 2023. For non-members registrations opens on April 1st 2023. For details please contact the workshop organizers

  • Deadline for registration and payment is

    31 Jul 2023 24:00 UTC

Participation fee

You may opt for one of the following fees

  • Workshop participation + Airport Shuttle + Accomodation and meals: 750€

    Participation contribution which covers registration to the workshop, lodging, meals and transport to and from the airport, as well as a one-day trip to Greek archaeological sites
  • Workshop participation + Airport Shuttle: 500€

    Contribution that covers registration, transport from and to the airport and the trip to the archaeological sites

Poster Session

Every participant is welcome to submit 300-word abstract for a poster. We will try to accommodate as many posters as we can, rotating them if necessary. Poster should be a maximum of 100 cm high and 60 cm wide. Consider to arrange materials in columns rather than rows - this format is easier for viewers to read.

Abstract Preparation

For editorial reasons, we can handle only files saved in Microsoft Word format (.doc). Please name the abstract file after the presenter's surname (eg. Smith.doc ). The character type should be Colibri, size 12, spacing 1, fully justified. The title of the abstract should be in capital letters and bold style. Name of the authors (Family name, Abbreviations of First and Middle names) should follow on a separate line, neither in capital nor in bold style. First name should correspond to presenter. Put reminds (asterisks, or other symbols) after the authors' names to label different institutions. On a separate line put the affiliation of the investigators (this should be in italic style) including the name of the institution, the city, and the country. On a separate line put the e-mail address of the presenter. The text of the abstract will follow after one line spacing.