International School of Ethology

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ScheduledWorkshop Title
14-05-2023 18-05-2023 Play and the Evolution of Creative Societies


01-05-2022 04-05-2022 Mens Sana in Corpore Sano: psychobiological effects of physical activity
19-04-2022 23-04-2022 Darwin in Medicine: Why Evolution is relevant for research and medical practice
08-09-2021 12-09-2021 The evolution of personality in animals and humans
22-10-2019 27-10-2019 Ethology, Psychology, Psychiatry: an evolutionary approach
20-05-2019 25-05-2019 Sex Differences, Dimorphisms, Divergences: Impact on Brain and Behavior in Health and Disease
06-05-2019 11-05-2019 Social Stress: Psychological and Psychosomatic Implications